English lessons Kindergarten - Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Fun and games, but clear rules all the same!

Registration Registration is binding. The Club and parents are bound to adhere to the following terms and conditions.
Registration for the Fun-tastic 5+ Kindergarten class must be accompanied by a Registration fee of CHF 50.

Course rates The fees (CHF 40 for 90 minutes) are to be paid in advance at the beginning of each semester for the whole semester or course. The amount charged is based on the actual number of lessons taught in the semester, (ca. 15 – 20) excluding public holidays and school holidays (see Calendar).

Holidays The Club Calendar is planned in accordance with the Horgen school holidays. On public holidays the Club will remain closed. For details of other days on which the Club is closed in accordance with the public schools, please consult the Calendar for the current year.
N.B. Sechseläuten in April and Knabenschiessen in September are not holidays in Horgen.

Absence If a child is unable to attend a class parents are kindly requested to advise the office.

Notice of withdrawal
Parents wishing to withdraw a child must notify the teacher in writing at least one month before the end of the current semester, i.e. by 10th January or 10th June. Failure to do so will incur a charge of 50% of the fee for the next semester. Parents are liable for the cost of the course if a child stops attending a class after the beginning of the semester. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. accident, prolonged illness) a price adjustment will be made in the following semester.

Insurance The Club holds obligatory liability insurance for the children. Accident insurance cover is the responsibility of the parents.

The Club reserves the right to amend the above Terms and Conditions as necessary.

April 2017