English lessons for Kindergarten

The most important facts about our
Fun5+ Kindergarten Programme:

NS (Native Speakers) classes are open for children with a good knowledge of English.
ESL (English as a Second Language) classes are open for children with little or no previous English.
4-7 children per class, if possible in separate groups for 1st and 2nd Kindergarten

: theme based. Our aim is to build up vocabulary as well as sound structure through numerous oral activities based on stories, projects in science, history or other topics, seasoned with craft activities, role play and games. Gentle introduction to the world of letters and reading, according to the British primary school curriculum.

ESL: theme based. Our aim is to work towards understanding simple chunks of language, building up a basic vocabulary of relevant items: family, colours, numbers, food, animals, school etc. Teaching of short sentences through rhymes and songs and using a course book. Reinforcement through craft and games.

Thursday and Friday afternoon, 1:30 to 3:00 pm.
Holidays according to Horgen public schools.

Löwengasse 18, first floor, classroom 1.

How much?
CHF 40.00 per session (90 minutes), snack included.
2 billing periods: August to February and February to July